Our Dance Democracy: Dance, Performance, Culture and Civic Democracy

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Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd November 2018
Hope University Creative Campus
Tickets: £100-£150

Tickets for Our Dance Democracy are no longer available online. If you are interested in attending please email info@mdi.org.uk to obtain a ticket.

Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI) and Liverpool Hope University will present a two-day conference to open LEAP 2018.

Artists and academics have long been pioneers in contributing and disseminating the critical discourse of our society.  For many years, they have borne witness to political events, social customs and the agenda of the day.  They have pondered, questioned and revealed us back to ourselves. Whether they are always aware of it or not, the artist and academic in society are political.

Our Dance Democracy will focus on dance and performance as the main discipline, the interrogation of a socially engaged practice to confront the topic of democracy and civic responsibility through the arts and academia.  This event will also explore what it means to be democratic in an ever-changing 21st century, for both artists, academics and the wider community.  This conference supports the theme of LEAP 2018 which celebrates female artists and the power for transformation in contributing to dance practice and its engagement in communities.

Using the commemoration of 100 years since some women won the right to vote in the UK as a starting point, we want to consider the impact of how creating equity beyond equality can enable us to explore our place in the world. As we all face the fallout from Brexit, it is ever more important that we remain connected through culture and consider how what we do together can have a positive impact.

About The Speakers

Victor Merriman is Professor of Critical Performance Studies at Edge Hill University and Director of the Performance and Civic Futures Research Group as well as a founder member of One Hour Theatre Company. He publishes widely on Irish theatre, postcolonial criticism, public policy, pedagogy and cultural theory. For Our Dance Democracy Prof Merriman will be asking what democracy means under an asset-stripping deficit culture in his paper, ‘Performance, Democracy and Deficit Culture.’

Dr Fiona Bannon is the Chair of DanceHE, a representative, lobbying and support network for academics, practitioners and scholars working in dance in higher education. Dr Bannon is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds. The impetus for Dr Bannon’s presentation is to consider our lives as ethical beings and to attend to the ways that in our dancing experiences we learn with one another through ethical encounters.

Rosemary Lee is known for creating large-scale site-specific works with cross-generational casts, as well as solos for herself and other performers, video installations and short films. She is an Artsadmin Artist, a Work Place artist, Senior Research Fellow at C-DaRE (Coventry University) and ResCen Research Associate Artist (Middlesex University). For Our Dance Democracy, Rosemary will reveal what moves her to create works for public sites, with large casts and how she tries to harness the power of gathering participants and audiences alike into temporary communities to perform or witness the work.

Charlotte Vincent, as director of Vincent Dance Theatre, makes crucial performance for the critical times we live in. Acclaimed by The Observer (UK) as, “funny, fearless and flintily determined, Vincent is one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today.”
Charlotte formed Vincent Dance Theatre in 1994, creating ‘astonishingly original’ work (New York Times) with a ‘crackling intellectual core’ (The Guardian). VDT was nominated for Best Independent Company at the National Dance Awards 2017.

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