Liz Lea: RED

Liz Lea - RED by Lorna Sim

Wednesday 7 November, 6pm
The Warehouse Studio Theatre, Hope University Creative Campus
Tickets : £9.50 / £7.50

Lights up on RED.

RED is fearless, RED is fierce, RED is powerful. RED is fraught and is broken, and is still running.

An undeniably powerful, intimate and autobiographically revealing work, that considers the potentially rather awkward and embarrassing subject of endometriosis.

A tale told by one woman with a particular take on how time passes for us all, Liz Lea will get you in touch with your mischievous self in this new and captivating work about the temporal workings of your own body.

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‘RED was a truly remarkable piece of dance theatre with the coherence that only exceptional dramaturgy, can achieve. Every aspect of the production was astonishing’
Canberra Times

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